Karunjie Station




The development of four topographic flight path maps covering the Three Valley's Circuit at Karunjie Station. The maps were developed following four separate rotary flights in the area in which Traditional Owners of Karunjie Station were familiarised with the circuit concept.
Project Name Three Valley's Circuit Flight Maps
Year 2014
Status Completed
Location Three Valley's Circuit, Karunjie Station
Area East Kimberley, WA
Category Field Services
Services FSP GIS
Outputs 4x Topographic Maps and GIS Packs
Layers Geography / Flight Routes / 4WD circuit
Map Size A3 (297mm x 420mm); Colour
Scale 190K
Map Output Digital
GIS Pack Topographic / GPS Data / Imagery Overlay
Data Sources Goescience Australia; Explorers Australia
Karunjie Station Trails Project Three Valley's Circuit Project
Camping with Custodians - Tourism WA
Three Valley's Circuit Flight Map - 1
Three Valley's Circuit Flight Map - 2
Three Valley's Circuit Flight Map - 3
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