Specialised services for expeditions and field operations across 3 million square kilometres of remote areas of Australia. Wide cross sectoral coverage, highly customised, modular, client-centric services. Offered to limited clientele only
Australia wide coverage. Remote area specialisation
Client centric and end-product focused
Highly mobile, independent field teams
Cross sectoral and industry coverage
Complete project management / field coordination options
Company Fact Sheet
  Field Services
  Expedition Management
  Field Advisory
  Field Specialists
  Field Skills Training
  Field Information
  Geographic Information
  GIS Data
  Geospatial Intelligence
  Remote Area Field Imagery
  Location Intelligence
  Operation Packs
  Specialised Services
  Remote Situational Awareness
  Remote Search & Recovery
  Human Terrain Information
  Customised Services
  Trail Development
  Product Field Testing & Eval
  Mapping / Cartography
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