The Cockburn Range Trails Project involved identifying potential day, overnight, multi-day, extended and long distance trails in the Cockburn Range, a proposed National Park area. The project extensively mapped the proposed routes, attractions, campsite areas, water points, topography and safety/risk areas. The project is supported by a comprehensive geospatial/GIS database with maps, imagery and video
Project Name Cockburn Range Trails Project
Year 2010 - 2012
Status Completed
Location Cockburn Range, El Questro Station
Area East Kimberley, WA
Category Trail Development
211km of route recon (field)
11 proposed trails ( trail routes) identified
376 pg Field Report (hardcopy/digital)
Development of 45 detailed maps ( print/digital)
GIS/GPS Trail Data collection and collation
HR Imagery and HD video ( land & aerial)
Kimberley Trails Project
Cockburn Trails Project Fact Sheet
Economic Value Assessment of Trails in the Cockburn Ranges - 2012
Cockburn Range Trails Project: Field Assessment Report
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