The development of a customised expedition map of Bigge Island containing field sourced and verified geographic data ( topography, terrain, vegetation, hydrology) and expedition information ( routes, exploration areas, campsites, drop off/pick up points, resupply points). The map is supported by a comprehensive GIS database to enhance digital GIS applications and mapping tools used by the expedition
Project Name Bigge Island Expedition Map/GIS Pack
Year 2012
Status Completed
Location Bigge Island
Area Bonaparte Archipelago, NW Kimberley, WA
Category Field Information
Outputs Topographic Maps and GIS Packs
Layers Geography / Expedition Routes / Points
Map Size A0 (841mm x 1189mm); Hardcopy
Scale 100K, 5m contour intervals
Map Output Hardcopy & Digital ( Ipad/GPS use)
GIS Pack Topographic / GPS Data / Imagery Overlay
Data Sources Goescience Australia; Explorers Australia
OTR Expedition, Augustus Island Expedition Map
Project Fact Sheet
Map & GIS Pack Inclusions
Map Legend/ Scale / Distances
Geology, Landforms & Vegetation Map/Table
Climatic Index: Temperatures/Humidity / Ground Heat Index
Hydrology Profiles / Tidal Profile / Freshwater Points
Terrain Profiles / Terrain Index / Difficulty Grades
1 sec DEM map / Satellite & Aerial Imagery ( GIS Pack only)
Route Profiles, Elevation & Going
Routes/Distances & Campsites
Exploration Areas / Target Sites / Exclusion Areas
AME LZ / Drop Off/Pick Up Points
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